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Half Lagged

Was up at 6:30, this time the alarm did go off at 7. Domino was in and out of the bedroom all night, up on the bed some of the time, curled up on the carpet other times. And she's back to squawking at me a lot. Since I was up early, I started looking through Thailand photos for ones to use in the Worldcon show. Getting that show together is tomorrow's main project.

Got to work, boss had sent email he would be in late, but ended up working from home. I can imagine how much email he had to catch up on. He was in Thailand a week longer than me.

We got a new build which supposedly has a feature I'm supposed to test, but I couldn't see it. Probably because the machine I have doesn't have the right board. I'll have to see about getting that fixed Monday. In the meantime me and automation guy both saw a minor cosmetic bug which is laughably trivial. We alerted engineering but it's not something which merits a bug report. Yet. I managed to crash the machine with ad hoc testing, once.

For lunch the gang went to our new favorite Japanese place, great bento boxes. But they never listen to me when I tell them to go after 1 pm. We waited about 20 minutes for a table. By the time we left, the place was half empty.

Back to work, there was nothing pressing to do, so I filled out an application for a Keypoint credit union account, but they lied - it could not all be done online, so I went to the branch down the block from work and finished it. They needed to scan my ID, and have me sign some forms in person. I could have mailed in copies, but that seemed silly.

Next step is to close my Patelco CU account, since I haven't really used it. I have not been impressed with their operation, and I just don't happen to like the name of the company.

After I get the ATM card from Keypoint I'll close the Tech CU account. I was going to wait until they stopped being a CU in September, but they messed up while I was in Thailand, so I am out of there ASAP.

Back to work, was planning on going to Costco which is close by, but was feeling lagged, so I went home a little early, took a nap, and then went to Costco. Where I saw this:

They had whole lambs in the next bin, also halal. Maybe the next time I get married...

I managed to keep mostly to my shopping list, except they were out of bananas. I heard one of the customers being told by one of the produce guys that there had been a run on bananas today. They had a good price on organic blueberries, but the green fuzzy stuff told me don't do it. Got mixed nuts, pistachios, a huge slab of cream cheese, a pound of lox, a dozen sesame bagels and a package of chicken wings.  Plus Lactaid milk, a big bag of limes and two loaves of multi-grain bread.  

From there to Safeway, which always has a better deal on light whipped cream (Domino's treat). They also had nice looking bananas and a 2-fer sale on celery. I bought a few apples, too pricey to buy more. Also passed on the baseball-hard nectarines. Got some ammonia (there's a carpet stain from spilling red punch) and windex for the car. And Marie Calendar turkey pot pies. Tartar sauce to replace the one turning green in the fridge.  And orange Crystal Lite, though they only had it in to-go size. So instead of 2 tubes making a gallon, it took 8. Needed small ice cream, and they had Haagen Dazs bars on sale (dark chocolate/chocolate) and Klondike bars. Did not find big packs of Breathsavers at either place. Must stop in at Rite-Aid or CVS.

Home, put stuff away, did not have room for the huge slab of cream cheese, so I cut it into 6 chunks (the package is designed for that) and put three into ziploc containers and into the freezer, then popped the dough blade into the Cuisinart, threw in half a pound of lox and three chunks of cream cheese and made salmon schmear, which is now in ziploc containers in the fridge. That was messy.

Dinner tonight was pistachios and blue Gatorade, while watching some of the Olympics opening ceremonies. Muted the sound soon, because the announcer wouldn't shut up, and it seemed in horrible taste to be playing "staying alive" right after the guy who wrote it died. And some of the words suck as Olympic inspiration. The Gambia and Malaysia had cool costumes, most everyone else's sucked. The USA's looked like campfire girls. For anyone who thinks Iraq is back on its feet, they only had 8 athletes. Iran sent 53. Afghanistan sent six.

Right around Jamaica I got totally bored, and deleted the recording. I've got Tivo set to record all the sessions with swimming and boxing, which should give me lots more events, since they are bundled. Not that I will have much time to watch, what with rehearsals and all.

1:20 am. Doesn't fell like it, thanks to a nap and Ibuprofen.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Look at a lot of photos. Pick 20, use Photoshop to sign them, upload them to Costco and have them printed. Fill out the Worldcon paperwork (bid sheets, etc.) and email that.
I thought about going to the Garlic Festival, but it's a long, hot drive.
Maybe go to Shoreline Park.

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