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Doctor this morning, she says the stuff on my hand is definitely a mild case of shingles, which had gotten infected - probably when I tried to lance a couple of them. The infection is gone, the shingles are in the process of drying up and falling off, the anti-bodies I built up means I won't need the vaccine for 2 years. She loved that I had photos showing the progression, and asked me to upload them (I had prints with me).

Work was a SNAFU festival, I don't think I'll bore you with anything more than that.

Took automation guy to Barn Thai restaurant. Tried the thin rice noodles with crab, but there wasn't enough crab to taste it. Also had roti canai. It was okay but the roti was not puffy enough and the curry was not the right color for Penang curry. Very lightweight taste too. Nice place, though, and the food was good enuf. Automation guy vacuumed up his pot tai. 

Home, planned on reading till it was time to go to 9 pm rehearsal, but got called and told not to bother. Too little work to call the ensemble. So I didn't get a chance to share my concerns with the director in person - wrote her email instead. My main concern is I don't want to be dancing, let alone front row center, especially not as the only ensemble member in the group. I think she forgot I wasn't the minister anymore at that point.

Checked my financial stuff, the inheritance chunk has not yet hit TechCU, and the rent payment did not hit Keypoint CU (both probably tomorrow). I did update my PG&E payment to Keypoint, but am not sure if it will take. It's not due till 8/21, so there may be time for the change to take place.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe do some more work on the trip photos, now that I have a super-fast paid-for connection.

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