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Y'all know I do not like Obama. One reason is the race thing. He's almost as white as I am, but because he looks like the grandson of a sharecropper he got a lot of votes for being "African-American". Which he literally is, in all the ways which do not symbolize a step forward away from racism. His father was a wealthy African, his mother an upper middle class white woman from Kansas who went to Mercer Island High School, which speaks volumes to anyone from the Seattle area pre-1970. 

I don't like the fact that he converted from being a free thinker to a born-again Christian, which he did his best to hide during the 2008 elections. He was anti-choice, and anti-gay-marriage when he took office.

All his major campaign promises he has either broken, seriously delayed, or compromised to death. Instead of withdrawing all US troops from the middle east in 18 months, he sent 100,000 more. 80,000 are still there. Don't Ask Don't Tell he could have rescinded as commander in chief, but he threw it to a committee which, at the time, was not inclined to reverse it. That process took three years. He has finally come around to not being opposed to same-sex marriage, but has done nothing to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Instead of national health care, we got mandatory health insurance, with no limits to premiums. The very poor can get some help paying for that, but not the middle class.  I'll stop there.

Willard Romney has a track record as MassGov which is relatively liberal and proactive, but you wouldn't know it from his presidential campaign. He has done some Truly Stupid things, but he also built a financial empire and managed to legally not pay a lot of taxes in the process. I have no problem with him keeping funds in the Caymans, those banks are less avaricious than Wells Fargo or BofA. They also pay better interest, and don't tend to buy bad loans. His anti-choice stand is infuriating, but I happen to agree with his hard line against those people who are in this country illegally. I've heard the stories of how my immigrant grandparents had to wait for quotas before they could come here legally.  I know how hard they worked to learn English and become US citizens. But Romney's sucking up to the tea party is a show-stopper for me.

So the bottom line is I have no one to vote for who would end up in office. I don't see either of these guys as the lesser of two evils. I just see two separate but equal evils.
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