Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Felt like Sunday

Started the morning walking to the apartment office, they said yes, the rent cleared. I wonder why it is not showing in Quicken or on the TechCU web site.  From there I walked to the nails place, she redid them entirely.

Walking back, I noticed the pretty path with fountains and ducks and trees behind Faultline Brewery was open to the public. I followed it, and it was a lot longer than I expected - it is designed to only be able to see about 100 feet in front, and each time you reach a jog point, there's more. It goes clear behind the Residence Inn maybe half a mile away.

Near the end of the path

Back home, sat out on the patio with Domino for a while, finishing Ruth Rendell's Road Rage, which I am sure I have read before but didn't remember the plot or the ending. Now that I finished, I know why. The last chapter was about the worst series of pulling rabbits out of hats ever. There was a lot of WTF in the story.  Reading became more enjoyable when the carpet cleaner truck parked in front of the patio finished its job.

Hauled my butt out to Walmart. Only one thing on the "must" list, which I did get, but there were a bunch of other things which were in the line of "if you see it on sale, buy it". I totally forgot to put corn cob handles

and toilet tank cleaner thingies on my list.

Got to the parking lot, my car was not all that close to the store, there were a few open spots closer, but some parking vulture decided he was going to wait for me, blocking traffic. So I put the stuff in the car, brought the cart back to the cart dump (he was still waiting) then went back toward the store, out of sight, and checked my email on my phone. He was gone by the time I went back.

Thought about having lunch out there, or going to Ranch 99, but it was already 3 pm and I have no room in my freezer for stuff. In fact. the plan was to steamer some frozen dim sum tonight.

Home, decided what I needed was a massage, and I found a coupon online for a place not far from work. Made a 6 pm appointment. Excellent massage, when I got out there was voicemail that my prints were ready to pick up, so I went to the art store, and we found a couple which had the mounting tab on the wrong edge, this despite the fact that I told them all of them were signed in the lower right corner. They fixed that quickly, and I drove the very heavy package home.

Did a mailmerge to print labels for the backs of the prints, stuck them on and put the prints in order, and found one more with the wrongly mounted tab, and one which had started to separate from the board. I will bring them both back tomorrow to be fixed. If they want to do the separated one off-site, I'll say no thanks and use my spray adhesive.

Plans for tomorrow:
Back to the art shop
Car wash
Friends' anniversary party
Home by 10-is for the 10:30 pm mars rover landing on NASA TV on the web, because effing Comcast doesn't carry that (free to them) channel.

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