Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'm Late

All day ran late. For the first time in years, for no apparent reason, I slept from my usual 3 am pit stop time clear to 8:30 am, without the usual wake-ups at 5 and 6 and 7-ish. To celebrate I stayed in bed till 10:30.

Did some stuff online with credit unions which turned out the be useless (it being Sunday). By the time I had lunch it was after 1, I took the prints to the art store to be fixed, which I was planning on doing at 10. I explained that if it didn't get done in the next hour I'd have to fix it myself, they told me 15 minutes, they had to heat up the press. So that was 15-20 minutes I had not planned on.

Went next door to Toys R Us and had to excavate in the gift wrap department to find a shirt box for the gift I was bringing to the party tonight. Also got wrapping paper and a ribbon. I would make a card on the PC.

On the way home got caught in traffic - a big accident which two fire trucks and three police cars managed to block the intersection completely, instead of directing traffic. That wasted 10 minutes, plus another 5 to get back to the expressway after detouring.

Making the card took way longer than it needed to, because I couldn't find the last card I'd made, to use as a template.

By now it is clear I am not going to get the car washed before going to Janice's to car pool to the dinner.

So, off to Janice's to chat for half an hour, then a friend of hers joined us and we drove to Palo Alto for a friend's 40th anniversary dinner. Which was excellent. Big problem, though, the acoustics in the room were horrible, and I couldn't hear any of the conversations unless people shouted. Met some wonderful people, ate some delicious food. Service was very slow, we were not out of there until after 9:30.

I got home just in time (at about 10) to find that Comcast did indeed have the NASA channel up on channel 27, and watched the last bit of Mars Curiosity rover landing. Pretty exciting for all those folks who had worked on this for years. I am not a huge fanatic about unmanned space exploration, but it's better than nothing. And I would rather see us doing stuff on the Moon. I don't buy the argument that Mars is a more likely place for humans to live. With a working space station (not the fragile science lab we have now) the moon could be supplied with what they can't grow themselves. Not so Mars.

Plans for tomorrow:
Keypoint, get my ATM card PIN
UPS, ship my photos to Chicon7
AG rehearsals, I have to bring the shoes & sox I'll be wearing in the show because they put a fancy tap dance floor down in the rehearsal hall. Boo hiss. HATE wearing leather shoes.

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