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Much Done

Did lots of stuff at work.

Lunchtime went to UPS and shipped the photos to Chicon7. I expected to be shipping them with a return label, but the guy said (I know this is not UPS policy) that they only do return labels for 2nd day air ($175). So I shipped it plain vanilla for $35 including the box, and when I got home I logged into my UPS account and had them email a return label to the Art show coordinator ($23). I hate it when they get stupid. I had to wait for several hours for the tracking number to make it onto the system, because the receipt did not say how much the box weighed. It did give the dimensions, though. Since it was next door I went to Popeye's for lunch.

On the way back I stopped in at Keypoint CU and chose a PIN for my ATM card.

More work, automation guy said I had to do the whole matrix of tests for something I was working on, which means two days of fun.

Browsed around for places to move to, found three possibles, all in the same neighborhood. I'll check one out tomorrow.

Checked the rehearsal calendar, and they had changed it. I'm not called at all Mon-Tues. I thought it was a mistake, so called the SM and he said they decided not to block the Big Number(s) until they had the set built. Good plan, I think.

Called to close my Tech CU credit card, instead got the fraud dept. There was a hold on my card. Apparently while I was in Thailand someone at Walmart.com tried to pull two $100 charges from it. That's what they said, but I doubt it. She said it was too long a hold time for the line to close my account, but they were open late so try at night.

Home, ran Quicken, saw that the rent had not cleared till this morning, and it was from Keypoint, not TechCU. I know how that happened, so no worries.

Went to BASFA, I was not really into it tonight until the last minute, and managed to bribe my way to getting the rumor of the week. I would have reviewed my trip, and announced my musical, but it was too noisy, and too many other announcements & reviews.

Home, called TechCU credit card, closed it. My main reason is their online service sucks. You can only get a Quicken download after the monthly statement is sent. No nightly downloads, which is a major security issue for me.

I thought I had an ACH connection from TechCU checking to Keypoint, since that's how I initially funded the account, but that was a one-shot deal. So I cut a TechCU check for all but $100 and will deposit it tomorrow in Keypoint's ATM. We'll see if my PIN works.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lightweight apartment hunt
Home with the feline
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