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Doodling Around

The day started at 3:30 am when the toilet backed up when I flushed it. Out came the sponge mop, bucket & pine cleaner.

Work was a continuation of yesterday. Automation guy provided me with some code which allowed me to automate one more test case, a LONG one. It had some timing issues but I fixed those by EOD. We had a 1-hour+ "training" session which turned out to not be the useful barrier-breaking session we had asked for.

Lunchtime I made a quick stop at Rite-Aid and then went to lunch. Too far to check out the apt in mountain view, can do that Saturday.

After work 101 was kind to me and I got to the Computer History Museum while there was still a lot of food left in the member's reception area. Some good food this time. Parking was effed because they had another party going on (I think it was for Adobe) along with the most popular talk of the year.

It was a panel from Google Doodles, three engineers and an artist. The moderator had it well scripted, he spread the questions around evenly but each one led to a doodle being displayed. All controlled from a tablet on stage. Very impressive tech. Audio was a little bass boosted with echo (an artifact of the room's acoustics) so I had trouble hearing a lot, but there was still a lot of humor and neat tricks showing what was behind some of the animated doodles. Apparently the hurdles race game which was on yesterday used some technology which was less than a week old.

Very entertaining and educational, and all four panelists were very articulate, though one, from Poland, had a thick accent.

Worth being a member.

Home, decided since I still had a bucket and sponge mop out, I'd do the kitchen. Then went out on the patio with a glass of lime soda but that didn't last long. Too dark to read, nothing to see except some dude on his cell phone talking to his girlfriend while his wife is back at the apartment. I'm guessing, of course.

Checked UPS, my photos made it to San Pablo early yesterday morning, next stop may just be Chicago. Last check of the calendar shows next rehearsal is Monday night.

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB rehearsal
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