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Apartment Mistake

Work was pretty quiet, nothing to report here. Lunchtime I went to an apartment which was on my short list last time, they had just the right size apartment, with W/D, and I managed to get them to stretch the move-in date to 9/24, which is when I want to move. The person who set that up had to duck out, so another rep took it from there. Turns out the rent was raised to include the hold time - about $300/mo more than if I moved in this weekend. I should have stopped everything right there but I didn't.

Next surprise is I only have 24 hours to change my mind. That seemed unreasonable. Still went through with it, filled out the application, got instant approval (no surprise there). They wanted a check, but who carries a checkbook anymore? They charge extra for the credit card. I told them I'd bring a check tomorrow, and swap it for the credit card form.

After work, home, looked the place up on a trio of review sites, and everyone gave it a big thumbs down. The only thing everyone agreed on is the office staff was good. Apparently they have a duck and crow problem, and mosquitoes as well. The parking is not convenient, especially in the rain. So now I know why they didn't show me the grounds. Also reports that water is shut off a lot.

So tomorrow morning I'll call and cancel.  I'll look at two or three places Saturday.

Not home for long, picked up my horn and went to YOTB rehearsals. This one was tough, lots of tricky counterpoint, unexpected high notes followed by low notes.

Back home, thought there would be a 49ers game on Tivo, but that's tomorrow. Caught the end of the Denver-Bears game. Bears suck. Denver is okay, but if they were really any good the point spread would have been double. They didn't play Manning, no surprise there.

I volunteered for a small writing project for Friends of Thailand, "How I Changed The World". It's interesting, most of the people at the reunion were teachers, or worked on projects which showed results while they were still in-country. My two assignments were not like that. But when I returned 15 years later, the results were clear. One was a complete surprise, the other was a mirror of my slide shows. When I'm done I may post it here. Or not.

Another project - I dragged the bike rack out to the car and installed it. Excavated the bike from the storage room and parked it in the livingroom, will mount it on the rack in the morning. Taking it to the bike shop near work to get it cleaned up and calibrated. I haven't ridden it in more than a year.

So those are my plans for tomorrow, plus hang out at the Starbucks nearest home, at the Mercado. It will seem odd to not have Microcenter to waste time in.
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