Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday in brief - review to come ?

Friday started with loading the bike onto the car rack, and driving to work. Logistics: bike shop doesn't open till 10, I had till noon to cancel the apartment application, did not want the rack on the car any longer than necessary.

So, did some morning stuff at work, drove to the bike shop and dropped the bike off for a tune-up. Repair guy said it's in pretty good shape, $40 probably, $60 if it needs new inner tubes. Pick up after 5 Saturday, or Monday is fine too.

From there to Marina Cove Apts, which was pretty close. Told them the company may move, so cancel. No problem.

Got gas while I was near the cheapest Arco. $3.89/gal + 35 cent ATM fee (3.3 cents/gal, so still less than all the other places which were > $4.

Back to work, lots of housekeeping paperwork. Lunch was at the bad Chinese food place, dessert at nextdoor Starbucks.

Home, just long enough to say hi to Domino, Tivo the 49ers game, then off to Foothill College's production of How To Succeeded In Business Without Really Trying aka H2$. More on that later.

Stopped off at Safeway for some essentials. Ginger root, brown sugar, bananas, Klondike bars.

Home, watched the last half of the 9ers game, was singularly unimpressed with any of the three new QBs, saw a lot of good defense on both sides. Vikings QB was great, but he was getting no love from his front line. Mostly boring game.

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