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My Big Behind

Somehow I missed the tragic news a few years ago that Dan Fogelberg was done in by prostate cancer. And that he had recorded one last song for his wife. And it was turned into an album of mostly previously unreleased tunes. Which I am now listening to.

So, Monday. Started with a team meeting, boss announced that none of our team, including our two fellows in Belgium, will be part of the 4,000 folks whom Motorola Mobility announced would be set free. He said there were others in the building who would be. That sucks, because there is no reason for it other than appearances, and we need more people, not less, to make more $$.

After the meeting I picked up the bike, left it locked to the rack. Lunch was at Specialty's, their bad grammar, not mine. I keep forgetting how bad their food is, because they have the best sticky buns. And there is a lot of eye candy at lunchtime.

Home briefly, then BASFA.

Home again, processed the photo shoot pix, made a DVD for the model. Also used DVD Decrypter to rescue a commercial disk which developed some unplayable bits which locked up the DVD player, and Corel DVD Movie Factory to nuke the copyright crap, add chapters back in, and burn a playable disk.

By then it was too late to write anything.

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