Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Caught Up

Tuesday. Played some more with the commercial DVD, printed a copy of the original using Epson scanner and Print CD. These days I only use Inkjet printable blanks. And received a notice that I had rehearsals at 7. And tomorrow. And Thursday. I'm excused to go to band rehearsal if I want, but I need Anything Goes rehearsals far more.

Work, lots to do, a new build cleared the way to do a pile of testing which had been delayed forever. Lunchtime I tried Specialty's again, but after their iPad ordering system crashed twice on two different machines (after not being able to read a brand new credit card 3x each) I went to Sizzler across the street.

More work, enough to keep me till 6:30, and then the crawl through traffic to north San Jose's rehearsal hall. I was 15 minutes early, and nobody else was there. Weird. By 7 almost everyone who was called was there. And another surprise, I have two more lines and two more entrances which were not listed anywhere. The scene had been blocked when I was in Thailand, it would have been nice for someone to send a note or something. Easy stuff, and nicer to be at a rehearsal than sitting at home.

It was one of my favorite scenes in the show the two times I played one of the main characters, and it was sad to see how not comic timinged the guy playing that part is, but the lines are so funny that it's pretty hard to not get laughs. The rehearsal reinforced my impression that this will be a mediocre production. Not bad, but not on a par with most shows this group does, or with the two versions I've been in.

Done at 8:30.

Home, played on FB, had dinner (who would have thought Domino would love corn kernels I pulled off the cob?) and here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
If they end on time, birthday Karaoke for another theater friend, real close to home. 

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