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Long Day, Short entry

It takes about 3 hours to drive from my place to Morro Bay. I left at 9, got there at 12:30 with one rest stop. Left over half of the worst alleged chicken fried steak I have ever tried to eat, at a place called Carla's Country Kitchen, 213 Beach St, Ste C, Morro Bay, CA 93442-2098. They fried the most gristle-infested cut of gray beef-like substance dipped in egg. The service was horrible, as well. Veggies were broccoli and it's evil white cousin cauliflower, steamed to almost a liquid. Mashed potatoes was a baked potato slammed with the business end of a meat tenderizer. The gravy was okay.

Then to the Antique Emporium on Hwy 41, through the store to the back where there is a lovely garden. I was there for the Redskunk Gypsie Swing Band's concert/garden party. Opening act was called World's Finest Apples, from Sacramento. With a name like that one would think they were from Wenatchee, WA.  As soon as I saw the accordion, I was concerned. But he played well, so did the bass (except for the one time he tried using a bow, when he was painfully flat). The rest of the group was forgettable. Molly Reeves, who is lead singer for Redskunk, sat in on a couple of tunes, which added a LOT. Molly's mom recognized me, and we had a nice chat about Molly's Grandma Janice, who has been stalking me and everyone I know on Facebook. Janice is retired and lonely and somewhere in Virginia, way far from friends and relatives, so FB is her social network.

I has not heard Redskunk play in about a year, they have improved a lot, especially the drummer. The violinist still looks 14 and is oh so pretty. Molly has stopped reddening her hair, IMHO a mistake. They sang several original songs, all enjoyable. The trumpeter Justin (who is a fellow train fan, too) continues to be amazing. They all held their own and more with the solos.

So the bad news is it was the hottest day of the year in Morro Bay, and the venue had no shade where one could see the band. The audience was in bright sunlight, the band was in a cave-like alcove. They positioned the speakers at head level, and there were two wooden posts in the way. Impossible to get a photo of the whole band. Difficult to get any good photos of them. I did get a few great audience shots.

Photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/how3ird/sets/72157631136993774/

I was counting on them ending at the posted 4:30 time, so I could get home before dark. They didn't, but people started smoking cigars, which drove me out at that time. Wish I could have chatted after with the band members, but cigars are a deal breaker for me. Way too many people were smoking cigarettes too, I had to move a few times to get out of the pollution trail.

Drove home with a stop in Soledad for Starbuck's restroom and a mocha, and cheesy poofs at CVS. Those kinda tasted like they were dipped in kerosene so they ended up in the garbage at the Bernal Shell station, where I stopped for gas (370 miles, 9.9 gallons - I could have made it home without the stop, but the car needed washing).

Home by 8:30 or maybe 9.

Made the Thai ginger limeade while processing photos. It has quite an after-bite. I think I'll use it as a mixer with soda water.

Plans for tomorrow:
Haul a lot of stuff to Goodwill (already pulled them out of closets).
Maybe haul some electronics junk to ABC storage's recycling dump
Meet J for coffee at 5
AG rehearsal at 8

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