Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'm late and it's getting tired

Last night at about 11, email came which changed my rehearsal call from 9 pm to 7. For a dance number. We were told weeks ago we would not do the ensemble parts for that number until next week, when we move into the theater.

Had a sleepless night, was dragging all day.

Team meeting this morning ran almost an hour over. Got some work done before going home to meet the mover's rep, who was right on time. That took half an hour, he did a good job, we'll see what his estimate says in a few days. I'm thinking 3 men, 6 hours. It depends a lot on how much stuff I can haul to recycling and Goodwill and how completely I can pack for myself.

After work went home at 6, said "fuck it" to the rehearsal change, and took a nap till 7. Then slogged to rehearsal. 10 minutes of arm movement which could easily have waited till 8:30. Then 90 minutes of standing around, mostly outside, as the dance corps did heavy duty stuff which I'm not on stage for. Then an hour of blocking a scene (a long one) which didn't require me because all I do is stand there for 20 minutes. No lines, no blocking, just a few "hallelujahs" and a rhubarb or two.

Home in 10 minutes. No traffic makes a big difference.

Tomorrow we run through Act I without books. 7-10. Maybe 4 times. Probably 2, the way this director stops to review things. Typical choreographer, can't just let things run through without interrupting.

I'm staged at the back. The view of the women dancers is not pretty, with one exception. The view of the men dancers is very pretty, too bad I'm not drawn that way. The lead is mediocre, can't really sing the part, and she might have been able to keep up with the dance numbers 40 lbs ago. Her part has been way over-choreographed, which is sad. Despite those things, she is a lovely person. The ingenue cannot be heard from 5 feet away. She will be miked, so that problem will go away at dress rehearsal, in about a month. The three supporting men are okay. It's a mediocre show, me included, and I'm not going to recommend anyone come see it. With such a huge cast, it will sell out anyway. Oh, I forgot. The female sidekick will steal the show, if she can get her comic timing honed a wee bit more.

Time for insulin & bed.

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