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Recently my company announced 4,000 layoffs. Most of the company does cell phones, but I'm in the 5% or so which does high end industrial equipment for cable and satellite companies.

As expected, I started getting bombarded with email and phone calls from hungry recruiters who had cell phone jobs for me. So I went to my LinkedIn account (where most of these were coming from) and put up a note at the top of my profile, addressed to recruiters, saying I am not a cell phone guy, and linking to the product I work on, which is way too big to fit in a pocket.

The next day I get a LinkedIn message from a recruiter offering to hook me up with Netflix's cell phone group. I checked out his profile, and it said he was a recent Washington State U grad, and being a University of Washington alum I felt it was my duty to tweak him. I replied that I see Wazoo still does not teach reading comprehension, pointed him to my profile note, and told him to lose my contact info.

Almost immediately he replied with a mildly insulting note that someone with 40 years in the industry (I have 30 - another reading error) should know better than to be undiplomatic, ending with a rah-rah line for his alma mater.

I considered answering, but decided to just delete the message rather than have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. I suppose I could have forwarded the conversation to his boss, who knows me (I worked as a contractor at Netflix for a year), but why bother?
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