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More Reasons I Won't Vote For Obama

Let's talk about economics. I'm in the process of moving, and one would think that with the recession, rents would go down.


Some numbers: I live in a 2BR/2BA 1k sq. ft. apartment at the low end of the "luxury" range. This means there is a full sized washer & dryer in the unit, lots of closet space, but a tiny kitchen with easy-stain counters and old appliances. There is a full-time management staff and a repair staff and the complex has about 6 buildings, 2 pools with hot tubs, a BBQ area and a playground.

For this I have been paying $2300/mo.

The going rate now for this kind of apartment is $2700. Without the washer & dryer, it's $2100.

The W/D, you see, makes it the equivalent of a one-family house. And thanks to Obama's bank bailout without strings, and his three-year delay implementing an inadequate mortgage bail-out program, people who are leaving their underwater houses are flooding into this apartment market. If you could get a loan on a house (which the banks have made close to impossible), a similar place would carry a $3500/month mortgage, so to a foreclosed homeowner, $2700 looks pretty good. Being able to move in somewhere, anywhere, looks great.

I'm not sure if McCain, who owns 5 houses, would have done any better, but he might have - after all, he represented his community for 21 years before running against Obama, and knows the value of listening to The People. Obama doesn't have that experience. Oh sure, he helped organize some grassroots tenants' rights groups, but from his first autobiography it's clear he was not a big success. And he spent more time working on Wall Street than he did in either the IL or US legislatures.

I'm not sure how Romney would handle this part of the economic crisis. Or anything, for that matter. Like Obama, he talks to his power base, and there's no way of knowing if he will be loyal to them after being elected or if he will return to his days as Mass. governor, and the very solid economics his father taught him.

Obama can be counted on to continue to do too little, too late, and coddle the rich while talking like he is an advocate for the 98%.


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