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Friday work, rehearsals and stuff

Interesting day at work. I started to build an automation suite for a new feature I'm testing, but the scripting software was acting strange. I was finally, after several months of asking, loaned a pair of machines for some of the more advanced tests, but have to wait until a critical bug is fixed. I was expecting that Tuesday, but it didn't make it yet. Maybe Monday.

Lunchtime I went home, and at 1 picked up the move-out packet from the manager. She also wanted to chat about theater, but obviously did not know about community theater, and when I tried to explain she still thought it was the professional stuff in SF and SJ. Sigh.

Home for 20 minutes after work. The alternate route I had mapped out to get to the rehearsal hall was sabotaged by the main roads of the South Bay not corresponding to the geography. I ended up going about 5 miles out of my way north (or maybe it was east). I called the SM and left a message I would be late, but when I got there, instead of being late (I have lines about 5 minutes into the show) I found the director re-choreographing the final number,  micro-managing it. Disgusting.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but our rehearsal pianist is the worst I have worked with in the Bay Area. This theater group has access to some of the best, I wonder what happened? Producer FAIL. It is impossible to enjoy these rehearsals when the pianist can't keep up, doesn't know the tunes, and has not a clue about tempo.

We were missing the two female leads. Totally ridiculous to do a complete run-through without them. This show has been a continuous series of those cluster things. I should have walked out when I had the chance. As I've said before, this is a show which cannot be killed, it is too well-written and the tunes are too good. Even the most mediocre high school production would be enjoyable, and this will be maybe half a notch better than that.

One other thing. At auditions the director announced she was pregnant. She has been getting more and more so as time goes by, of course, but she's pushing herself as if she wasn't, and while she is a fairly athletic, active person, there are limits. I hope she doesn't hurt herself or the baby.

The co-producer who has been out for the past month because he was starring in a show at another theater, is micro-managing. He's giving as many directions as the director, and buttonholing the leads and giving them very specific instructions, some of which contradict what the director has given. He's talented, and I'd like to like him, but he's making it very difficult.

And the co-producer who gave me that bullshit line last week about how I should trust his highly talented staff? He's off to Cozumel for a scuba trip. The week all the heavy lifting needs to be done - we move into the theater tomorrow. At the height of hurricane season in Cozumel. That's another person I'll never work with again.

When I was home for lunch,  Domino got her hind paw caught in the cat tree tube where she spends about half her daylight time these days, so I went over with scissors to see if I could fix the problem. And found the lining was badly deteriorating. It occurred to me that I have had this cat tree for about 10 years, it has long since been scratched to death, but since it is so solid I had not realized it needed replacing.

Went online and could not find anything which comes close. Nothing with a big long tube at the top of a 68" tree. And only one with any kind of tube, the tube looks too small. After move-in tomorrow maybe there will be time to visit Pet Club and see what they have. Petsmart and Petco web pages have tons of trees, none work for me. Ditto Wallmart.

Plans for tomorrow:
Theater move-in at 10 am
maybe a nap
maybe *$s with the laptop.
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