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Last night I was so upset with the unsafe set and the staff's cavalier way of placing people on it, after announcing that safety was their #1 concern, that my brain refused to stop cranking. at about 2 I went to the kitchen, made some chocolate milk, sat in the recliner and watched about 1/4 of an old Star Trek episode on Amazon Prime (via blu-ray player). Back to bed around 3. Domino was on the bed a lot, but she mostly spent the night huddled under the chair in the bedroom. It's one of her favorite spots. Go figure.

Finally got to sleep. Up at 6:45, 15 minutes before the alarm. Dashed off a note to the staff saying I don't feel safe on the balcony, please re-block me to a lower altitude. Half hoping they would try to convince me to try it again, which would be my cue to leave the show, which has been a royal pain in the butt and rewardless time sink. We'll see what happens.

I'm not called for rehearsal tonight.

We also have Saturday off, so I'm going to go to Best Buy and price a new in-dash system and car alarm, and schedule an installation for Saturday. Plan A. Plan B is to go to a car audio shop Saturday and do the same.

3 pm, feeling the sleep deprivation kicking in. Dropped my car off this morning for its 50k maint. and while they gave me a ride to work, they don't give rides back. I'll hitch with one of my cow-orkers. Two who used to be good for that have started biking to work.
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