Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Maybe I Will Vote GOP After All

Obama has turned out to be a closet warmonger, a total economics moron, and a complete failure at delivering national health care and safeguarding Social Security. And anyone who says they did not vote for him because he appears to be black is lying. He has used his appearance to foster the illusion that his ancestors were slaves while the truth is he's almost as white as I am. I just didn't get the dominant genes. And now he's launching attack ads because, frankly, he doesn't have a positive record to run on.

Romney at one time was a successful governor of a blue state. He worked with a Democratic majority in the state legislature, until they got all partisan on him near election time. He did a great job running the Olympics. He got his law degree from the same place as Obama, without affirmative action helping him.

The vast wealth he has he earned himself, though he did get a good start from his dad, but his dad came to the US as a child with next to nothing, and Mitt had three siblings to share that with. Obama did not have that object lesson, for all practical purposes an only child, his father being from a wealthy and well-connected family and his mother of upper middle class parents.  

I don't think Obama stands a chance against what is sure to be an even more Republican Congress. And he hasn't been a strong enough advocate of women's rights or LGBT rights to make a difference on those issues.

All things considered, I would rather have the slimeball who says what he stands for than the one who lies about it.

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