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Wasted Youth & Meltdown Town

Didn't do much at work today. Kept busy but except for filing one major bug, everything was treading water. Had my 1-on-1, we ran out of things to talk about 10 minutes early.

Lunchtime I went to Costco and dropped off 200 slides to be hand-cleaned, scanned and put onto DVDs. They will make a slide show out of them, but that's garbage, I just want the JPEGs. If the quality is good enough I'll start bringing in all my old slides. To start off they got some of my earliest (3/75) and last (6/77) Peace Corps photos. Some of them look like they were developed yesterday, probably the ones which were processed in the US, and some are pretty badly faded, ones which were boiled in Thai developer with dead fixer. It will be a month before I get them back.

Home, there was a very heavy box (cat tree to assemble later) and a note stuck in the door from the apartment, claiming their records show my renters' insurance runs out 9/24. That's actually the date I told them I woud be moving. My renters' insurance expires on 1/26, and the fact that they did not ask for updated paperwork last January tells me how effed up their system is. I called the office and yelled at them.

That left me just enough time to get to rehearsals. Very little progress had been made on the set in 2 days, one set of raw wood "railings" was installed, leaving six more not done. They moved the lights above the balcony somewhat, but it's still not safe to be up there. The AD did re-block me to ground level, which is why I stayed for the rest of the rehearsal, which consisted of micro-rehearsing the dance corps and wasting 2.5 hours of my time.

And then they changed the "armography" on us again. And tried to teach it by number, when it is stuff we do while we are singing. I need words, not numbers. Better still, I need to not be doing this crap.

Leading lady had a total melt down about 2 hours into the dance stuff. She was still crying half an hour later when we were finally allowed to escape. She is no up to this part in the first place, and the director has her doing 15 minutes of singing and very heavy duty dancing. On Broadway, the person playing this part does not dance, she's a belter and only sings. She has a set of 4 "Angels" as her primary dancers, and a whole dance corps of tappers. After watching the title song done three times with frequent stops because the director had forgotten her promise to not micro-manage it, I am totally bored. It's the stupidest choreography ever. Anyhow, leading lady is not that good a singer, too fat to do this much intensive dancing, and was pressured insanely to be off-book a month before we open. She is a very nice person, and doesn't deserve this. None of us do. Well, maybe the dance captain does - she's also too fat to be doing these steps, but she knows how to count to 8, which makes her qualified.

I should modify that. I know at least three superb tap dancers who tilt the scales at 300 or so. They have terrifically powerful legs, a great sense of balance and where their body is, and a sense of rhythm. Our leading lady and dance captain are not in this league. And they probably only peg the scales at 160.

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