Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Felt like Friday. Work went slowly, I had to wait for an engineering expert to help troubleshoot, and he didn't break free till 5. And then he worked with the lab IT guy instead. That's fine, because by the time we did that, we decided the issue was bigger than just the one bug I filed.

Home, the backup camera for the new in-dash system arrived, but none of the other pieces.

Rehearsals were almost fruitful. Lots of boring dance repetition, and the time wasters were:
- They don't need the non-dancers for 90% of the three numbers, they could have done our small bits and then come back to beat up the dancers.
- The set is still not safe, and far from complete.
- We had new set pieces (tables and chairs) to deal with
- We could not use the whole stage (They taped the floor to show where missing pieces of the set would block us)
- The big-voiced producer made a lot of needless noise 
- Most of the cast can't shut up. There are loud conversations after each number, and whenever some people are off-stage.
- The orchestra is missing parts. That is, there are instruments which need to be there which are not, and there are two LONG dance breaks where nobody is playing anything resembling the melody because of that.
- Clarinet player kept practicing when director was giving notes.

Other than that, it was a ton of fun.

The clue fairy finally found them at 8:30 and had most of us sent home.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser - pick up insulin
Rehearsal is a full run-through "with props". We have mostly never seen any props. None. Ever. Or the props person, of whom there may not even be one.

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