Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Procrastination ends tomorrow

I had been not finding time to bring my many scattered pieces of electronics junk to the recycler.  Tomorrow is the day. There's already a broken 14" flat screen TV in the trunk. I have broken iPods, routers, cell phones, lots of cell phone batteries, a printer, disk drives, two boxes of circuit boards and cables. USB power adapters, wi-fi relays, and a VCR.

Plan A was to have the new in-dash auto unit installed, but the proprietary iPod cable won't get here till next week. Bummer. Because I have all day free, no rehearsals. Plan B, then, is recycling.

Work today found one more major bug. Two in one, actually. The machine failed to do something but the user interface said it did. So the GUI has a bug and the machine's core program has a bug. But if they fix the core problem, the GUI bug goes away by itself, I think.

Rehearsals were supposed to be a a run-through of the whole show, but last-minute director threw in a dance rehearsal for the first half hour, and now that the set is built enough to do scene changes, which we don't have any crew to help with, we just barely got through the first scene of Act II.

I am so tired of watching the choreography. The more I watch, the more stupid it looks. The director did it, and it is the kind of moves you get from someone who maybe did a lot of dance as a child, but nothing serious after high school. Too many changes, too quickly. She choreographs by the numbers, not by the tune. There are some moves which reflect the lyrics, but mostly they don't.

The first section of my tiny part is still being effed up by the other bit players not knowing their line (singular). At least I lead the next two sections I'm in. Moonie and I have our scene down pat, he's easy to work with.

Some kudos: Erma will steal the show. Billy is superb. Sir Evelyn is a huge over-actor, but that's his job this time, he will be getting laughs and applause if the others stop stepping on his lines. Mrs. Harcourt is also a huge over-actor, which is sometimes good and sometimes fatal. This is the kind of part  Margaret Dumont would have played, but it's coming out like Buddy Hackett.

Plans for tomorrow:
Already told you. And sleep in.

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