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Done and done

Mostly. I see an external backup drive, and an old Epson scanner which didn't make it to the recycle pile. And I'm waffling about the Mac G3 which has been sitting in the closet for a year, but I had updated the OS and installed a wi-fi adapter last time I had it out. Maybe I'll bring it to BASFA when Anything Goes opens and I have Mondays free again. That would be the 17th, if I survive the weekend, and am not knee-deep in moving boxes.

And I have an HTC Vivid phone (AT&T), three Kindles (two keyboard G's and a touch wi-fi) plus a Tivo wi-fi adapter (never used) to sell on eBay.

Anyhow, the e-cycle place was a storage company in Mountain View, with a very friendly guy who was happy to get Stuff. He transfers it somewhere, and gets paid some number of cents a pound. I had four book-sized boxes and a trash bag full of stuff, plus a broken mini TV and two small backup drives.

Next stop was Goodwill, a blu-ray VCR which had issues with wi-fi but worked fine otherwise, a couple of old laptop and netbook bags, and two huge trash bags of t-shirts and pants. So many nostalgic shirts which no longer come close to fitting me. Sigh. If I was more OCD I would have scanned them, but I'm not. There's a radiant heater in sitting in the middle of the living room which I forgot.

That was a lot of work. It really did not make much of a dent in what has to move, but it means a lot more closet space, and less unpacking. And maybe one less T-shirt rack, maybe.

Before I did all that, I put all the empty boxes which various electronics came in, shoved them into 4 trash bags and then down the chute. Next I put onto a dolly the very heavy box with the wire grid squares, and wheeled it way down to the dumpster. Tossed four or five squares at a time in, and when I got to the bottom discovered all the connectors, which I thought were lost in the last move, which is why I was throwing away the squares. Faceplant. What the heck, threw them in too. :-(

Domino is currently sharing the bed with a small pile of miscellaneous junk which was in a box which was commandeered for the e-cycle run. Belts, a couple of books, stuff which used to be in the night table, audio cassettes, a vintage mouse pad, a pair of pink suspenders. And much much more. Most of it will find its way to the dumpster or Goodwill.

Changed shirts, hung up a load of shirts, and am running the dishwasher. Iwill spend some time on eBay, and on FB, then go to an MV *$s and wait for Janice.
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