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Almost Out of Thyme

After my weekly (when both of us are in town and available) coffee chat with Janice, I stopped at what used to be my local Safeway with two items on my groc list, thyme and corn cobettes, and a side of bananas and maybe apples and celery in my brain. Somehow I managed to spend >$100.

Well, things were on sale, so shoot me.

I saved $29.16 - nearly 1/3!

After I picked up produce, I headed for the spice row, and this lady was standing in front of the spices which I wanted to get to, holding a container of garlic salt in one hand, her other hand on the bar of her cart, blocking the whole aisle, and after about half a minute of that I reached past her, saying, "sorry, lady, I'm almost out of thyme", as I grabbed three bottles of thyme (they were on sale - buy 2 get 1 free). She gave me a dirty look, then saw the labels and grinned. And moved along.

Other things which lured me with 2-fer savings were Kraft sliced cheeses (aged swiss & sharp cheddar), Breyer's ice cream (mint chocolate chip and their very chocolaty chocolate), Chicken of the sea sardines in water, kippered snacks in water, Devil's food donettes, meatballs in tomato basil sauce, and Bush baked beans.

I resisted the $9.99 huge scallops, and the $5 re-unfrozen lobster tails. And lactaid milk. I did pick up a pair of turkey frank packages, the plan is to make pigs in blankets tomorrow with the frozen bread dough which is taking up too much freezer space. 

I'm sure you are thrilled to be reading all this, but it's called journaling. Deal.

Home, the ipod cable for the new in-dash unit was in the mailbox, too late to do anything with it this weekend. Unless the place is open Monday, which I doubt since they are closed Sundays.

While I put stuff away and had dinner (cobettes and meatballs), I watched the first 3/4 of the Oregon game. 50 points before halftime. And then they pulled their first string and went to sleep. Nice to see they have a championship first string, sorry they have no depth. There was a guy in the stands in a Ducks-colored (bright yellow and bright green) Darth Vader helmet.

Waiting for dinner, there was plenty 'o' time, and the cat tree parts were staring at me in the box, so instead of putting that off till tomorrow, I assembled it, with pauses for dinner and dessert. I really like the way the cobettes came out. I put them in a bowl with about half an inch of water, in the microwave and nuked them for 3 minutes.

While I was having dessert, with the first level of the tree done, Domino came over to it and tried out the sisal scratching posts.

There was a "huh?" moment when I needed the two short bolts, and only saw one. After counting the long bolts it was clear I'd put the other short bolt where a long one was called for, so I used a long one instead. It worked.

Shifted some furniture to get the old tree out of the livingroom and into the foyer, which exposed all the dirt around where I put my feet when I'm on the recliner, so I did some vacuuming and then pulled out the steamer. It's not good, but it's better.

While I was moving the old tree, Domino climbed up it and into her sleeping tube at the top. She did not want to have that go anywhere. I put some treats on the new tree, which she gobbled when I was not looking, but she hasn't bought into the change yet. It's for her own good, the inside of the tube is all clawed up, and she gets caught in the strands. I don't have a way to reline it. It will be dumpstered tomorrow.

Now the new tree is where the old one was, and the old one is in the foyer, waiting to be dollied outside.

New tree after assembly

New tree in place

Old tree

Inside of the tube

Plans for tomorrow:
Trim the celery
Old cat tree --> dumpster
Dose the cat
Tech rehearsal
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