Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not much done today, yet

Slept till 9 when a weird dream woke me up, and since I have been forgetting those quickly I got online and posted about it. And stayed at the computer till 11:30.

Got dressed, thought ab out how to move the old cat tree, the light dawned and I got the mechanic's dolly out of the storage room, tilted the base of the tree under it, and it was seated on there firmly in a few seconds. From there it was easy to (slowly) wheel it down the path, down the driveway, through the garage and to the dumpster. I left it beside the dumpsters in case someone else wants it, and because it is too heavy for me to lift.

Made a batch of pigs in blankets, which came out beautifully. Had a few for lunch, froze the rest. Mint chocolate chip ice cream did not want to be eaten, I think. As soon as I got the lid off, the carton flew out of my hands, and landed top-down on the floor. Scraped off the surface, and tried again - the first scoop also flew across the room, committing suicide in front of the fridge. Finally got two scoops into a bowl, and the rest was history.

Looked for NFL football on TV, and I found the Raiders-Seahawks game. Watched about a quarter before it was clear this was not being played live.

Watched an episode of "Undercover Boss". Sat outside on the patio with Domino. Gave her the monthly dose of flea stuff, and she deserted me. Back inside, played the piano (I have not touched it in way too long).

Listed one more item on eBay, acknowledged payment for another.

I hunted up my AVI backup DVDs and found that all of the clips had been recorded at postage stamp sizes. 160x120 and 320x240. Crap.

Fired up the video editing program, popped the 1999 Anything Goes tape into the VCR, and the audio was all garbled. Cleaned the heads, and the head cleaner audio was garbled, even on the second pass. Ordered yet another VCR on eBay. To be continued.

Time to go to the theater for what they are calling tech, but is really cue-to-cue.

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