Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Olympics and Grade School English

When I was in grade school we were "forced" to read a lot of stuff for English class. One story which I still remember somewhat was about two best friends, boys on the school high diving team. One was State Champion, and the other was his "little buddy" and the story was told through the star-struck eyes of "little buddy" (not his name in the story). The two of them would practice together, and to inspire each other to "soar like an eagle" they would should "iggle iggle" to each other just before a dive.

The idea was to forget the nerves and butterflies, and just enjoy soaring and diving and be in the moment.

They both qualify for the state finals, little buddy just happy to be there, and knowing his big buddy is going to win top prize again.

They keep up their "iggle iggle" through the whole thing. But little buddy wins gold, while big buddy gets silver. Little buddy is completely thrown for a loop, but big buddy tells the kid "you were always the best" and some other inspirational tear-jerking stuff.

That all came back to me as I watched Canadian speed skater Clara Hughes win the gold medal, not only taking it away from the woman she skated against, top-ranked Claudia Pechstein, but also teammate Cindy Klassen, who was in first place until that final heat. The look on Clara's face when she realized she had won was priceless. The cut-away shot to Cindy after the race looked very iggle iggle to me. You can watch the race here - when the commercial is over and the race starts, feel free to drag the slide bar to the 7:00 point to see the end of the race.

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