Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's only Tuesday

Busy first few hours at work, found more bugs, but things tapered off.

Lunchtime PO run to ship eBay sale

Home early to pick up a package - 3 litterbox refills which the idiots who sell it through Amazon think need to be signed for. I'll be sending them nasty feedback.

Slow traffic to rehearsals, slow start to rehearsals. Took a look at the costume they had for me, and boy will the costumer be getting an earful next time I see her.  I timed the scene, and have less than 90 seconds to get changed and back onstage. No way. Not even with a break-away costume, which she did not make. She has me changing pants and shirts. Sheesh.

Instead of running the show we started with Act II, because director says we have not rehearsed Act II enough. Effed me up royally, and no, it does NOT help to rehearse the end before the beginning if you are going to do them both.

One of the cast members brought int two crew volunteers. The one from last time bailed, as I knew she would. These two, instead of being put to work, were asked to sit and watch.

And since this is Saratoga, we had to strike the set, because city council meets on Wednesdays, and instead of being supporters, they don't want anyone to see there's a show going on here on weekends.

Which means we have tomorrow night off.

And another last minute change, there will be a majorly time-wasting rehearsal mixed ensemble and featured player numbers in no logical order. And the producers are ragging on us about ticket sales. Sorry, that's not my department.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the installer place for a Saturday appointment
Starbucks Mercado after work

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