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Very nothing day. Worked more with engineers on that big bug, made some progress in a new automation script.l Went to Lowe's for spackle and toilet bowl cleaner and picked up a pair of ball point pens too. The kind which have a push button on the end and not a cap which is designed to be lost so the ink dries out and you need to buy a new one.

Home for a little bit, then to Mercado Starbucks, where instead of a nice quiet evening of eye candy, there was a convention of pairs of loud Indian men talking at each other like they were on a bad long distance connection. And no eye candy whatsoever. And the air conditioning was was too high, because it was chilly and overcast outside and none of the baristadons figured it out. I left when they started playing noise instead of music on the overheads.

Home, found my birth certificates and scanned them. Also found that my two fireproof safe boxes both have foreign currency & coins. I will fix that when I feel more OCD.

I am told by a friend that one of my photos sold at Worldcon. So far there is no word at all from the art show staff.

This will be my last con art show photo exhibit. I've gotten my name out as much as it is going to get, I've had lots of compliments, and my ego is content. The expense is no longer worth the reward.

I will probably apply for shows at the Art Ark, but that's usually just one or two prints. The only reason I have not applied before is the gallery maven has extremely short windows for drop off and pickup which are generally inconvenient for me to get into that part of SJ. But they always mount interesting shows.

In other news, the fellow who is directing the final show of the season at the theater I'm rehearsing now has been sitting in the back many nights. He always says hi and calls me by name. I have auditioned for him three times. All three times he has offered me a part I either was not interested in or required far more dancing than I am capable of. He may be just there in his capacity of board member and some-time house manager, or he may also be scouting for Funny Girl. I would love to work with him, but not at this theater.

In other news, I tried to schedule my Comcast move, but they refused to do it while someone else had service at the new address. They wanted me to contact the current tenant and wait til they disconnect before they will schedule me. This is like calling for a dinner reservation for next Saturday and being told that someone is eating at that table now, and I will need to wait until they have left before my reservation can be accepted. Idiots. It's a reservation. It is in your best interest to be able to schedule an installer a few weeks ahead of time.

So what I will do tomorrow is phone them and have my service disconnected the night before I move, and play it by ear from there.

And the clowns at the theater group have decided, at the last minute, that tomorrow's rehearsal will be in costume. They are rushing things way way beyond what is safe and sane.

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