Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Trip to the Ball Park

I'm not a big fan of baseball. But I am a big fan of eye candy, and last summer when I went to a Giant's game with my Peace Corps alumni group I saw lots of that around the park formerly known as Pac Bell.

So since it was in the 90's in SF on Monday, and looked to be about the same the next day, I went online and bought pretty good front-row bleacher seats. The Giants have this thing called the "double play window" online where season ticket holders can scalp tickets legally. The theory being, I suppose, that there is no actual face value for a single game ticket out of a stack of season tickets, therefore it's okay to charge what the market will bear. A nice fantasy, because the face value ought to be what the season pass cost, divided by the number of home games. But you'll see VIP seating going for $400 a seat, even though it would only take 10 games for the season pass holder to break even.

But I digress.

For about $20, including all the service charges, I landed a bench seat right dowh in front, in the section behind left center field about halfway between Barry Bonds and Marquis Grissom.

As it turned out, I should have saved my $20.

I got to work early so I could leave early, drove to the Mountain View CalTrain station and caught the 6:07 to SF. There was enough scantily clad eye candy on the train that I really didn't need to go to the game for that. But I did use my ticket, and while there was a lot to look at in SBC Park, it got windy and chilly pretty fast, and most of the eye candy wrapped themselves up. To add injury to insult, the Giants were playing like a bad high school team, so I left at the end of the 5th inning, when the score was Atlanta 5, SF 1. The final was 12-3, so I guessed right. Another reason to leave when I did was to catch the 9:07 train home. The next train wasn't for more than an hour.

The train was full of other fans, and as soon as they got into the nice warm cars they unwrapped again. I was seated across from a very tall woman in a very short shirt. Yum.

Also rather funny is several people who boarded in Giants gear got changed into Sharks apparel very quickly.

I think that will be it for me and Giants games for a while, but I can't wait for Caltrain to resume weekend service - scheduled to happen the first week in June.


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