Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Usual

Not really. Very busy at work, investigating three issues on two products.

Rehearsals were the first time with mikes, and  have been spared, since I never have to sing over the orchestra. After an hour of futzing around with mike checks and overkill dance refreshers, we ran the whole show, starting a little after 8, we were done by 10:30 with a 15-minute intermission. Biggest reason is the conductor had the orchestra playing the dance numbers at breakneck speed. That's fine for the dance breaks, but not fine at all when there are words to sing. People cannot sing that fast. Our leading lady certainly can't. Maybe when she has the words down pat she'll stand a chance. but I doubt it. It's just not her style. Or mine, come to think of it. Never been any good at patter songs.

There is actual crew now, so I only have one real scene shift. I tried to do four which I was assigned but missed last night, but crew took over and I was in the way, which is fine because I have to change into a tux right about there.

Plans for tomorrow:

If the office is open, pick up a package (VCR) at 9.
Drop off the car at 10 to have the in-dash equipment installed
I'll have my bus/Caltrain pass, so should be able to get my nails done and maybe explore a bit. Getting home from there is not practical.

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