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Woke up to my new weekend alarm sound on the internet radio - the SFO control tower. Not the best waker-upper, but interesting after I figured out there were not strangers in the bedroom.

Drove to The Great Mall, and spent way too much time not finding a vest for my tux for the show. And ditto for a belt and button-on suspenders. Burlington Coat Factory totally ignores the 12 rows of vests (each with 4 sets of multi-vest hangers), and I think they have people come in and scramble the belts on purpose. Not just scramble, but hang about half of them on the books by the buckles, so you have to remove 12 belts to see what size the one you like really is. And the suspenders are randomly thrown (literally) into the mass of belts.

The largest size for their tux vests is 4x. I am, by this measure, 5x. In real life I'm 3x, but the tux vests are sized for pygmies. Over in another part of the men's suits section I found another brand which had a 2x which fit me just fine. I bought a belt which was 2" more than I thought I wore, but when I tried it on at home it was too long by about 4 holes. I did find pants in my size - including inseam, which is something of a miracle. They keep the suits and pants and shirts in order pretty well, allowing for the lazy customers who can't put things back where they found them.

By luck I found two ruffled shirts which were in my size, sort of. One was marked as 1/2" small for me, with the right length sleeves. At the theater I found out it was the right size, but the sleeves were 1/2" too short. Not a problem, nobody sees my cuffs anyway.

After I dumped my spoils into the car, I went looking for loafers, and finally found a pair 1/2 size too big, which fit perfectly at the theater. And they were quite comfortable, even after 3 hours of mostly being on my feet.

Put those in the car, and walked most of the way back to the mall, found a tree with some shade and checked my email. Waited for the parking vultures to find other places to stash their vehicles.

Home, watched some football, just caught the end of the 49ers game (they won handily) and the Seahawks game (they beat themselves in the last 4 plays). Then fired up the PC and printed shipping labels for the three Kindles I sold. eBay/Paypal make it very easy, even for USPS. Two of the units shipped in their original boxes, one fit, with some bubble wrap, into one of the larger priority mail VCR boxes.

Had a snack - about half of yesterday's lunch. Then off to the theater, where we did some more of the interminable dance numbers, and then ran the show with only a couple of technical stops and the director needlessly yelling "pick it up!". I swear she is on uppers. We're doing everything way too fast.

Before the run, she gave me the unwelcome news that I'm supposed to come out first for the curtain call. I was hoping to just stay in the back as part of the ensemble. I have a tiny part at the start of the show, and it doesn't merit an individual bow. Sigh.

The costumer put up her costume plot, and she has me in the wrong costumes two out of five times. I ignored her plot, and went with what the AD told me.

It's a short show which feels long because Act I ought to be Acts I and II. Act II, which ought to be Act III, is very short. We started at 8, finished at 10:30. I was home by 11.

Had another snack, the rest of yesterday's lunch with the remains of yesterday's dinner. With added cheese. Yummy.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am team meeting
PO run
Maybe a Comcast run to get a cable card. Depends on how busy work is
"Fix it" rehearsal. I won't know what time to be there until tomorrow some time. I expect we'll be let go early.
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