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Over the weekend I was not able to see my webcams from outside my local network, even though they had to go through the Comcast router (I thought) either way. I guess not. While I was poking around my local router, I thought I'd reboot it to see if that fixed things, when I saw there was a firmware update, which also required a reboot. 2 birds, one electronic stone, problem solved.

Tonight after the show, the ipod died which was attached to the car's in-dash audio unit. I keep it hidden behind one of the drawers in the dash. Maybe the new unit fried it. Have another on order, we'll see what happens. Used iPods are relatively cheap on eBay.

Lots of needless waiting in lines during lunch break. Had to wait in line to hand my pre-paid, ready-to-ship eBay sale items to a clerk because of the USPS stupid, paranoid 13 ounce rule. And then at Comcast's newly remodeled office which has lots of comfortable places to sit, and more employee stations, but not enough for the 25 people in line. My wait was 45 minutes, just to get a cable card for the Tivo.

Stayed up way late, was dragging all day, so was happy to hear that rehearsals were starting an hour late ands ending early. Went home, installed the cable card in the bedroom Tivo and called Comcast to have it activated. I figured I could do this in bed with my eyes closed. 35 minutes later they had not succeeded, so I hung up on them, went to the PC and used the web site. The untrained man on the phone was not aware of how a Tivo works, so he was expecting to be rebooting it remotely, as if it was a Comcast STB. The reboot has to be done manually, and is part of the activation process from the Tivo side. Long story short, I now have a working Tivo in the bedroom with all the HD stations as the one in the livingroom. It took a long time to propagate - but I left it to do that on its own while I went to rehearsals.

Domino was very needy while I was on the phone, head butting me and such. I did get some shut-eye, she curled up at the foot of the bed.

Rehearsals were light-weight, just some "fix it" stuff. I don't think anything really got fixed, but we did get to practice messing up some of the more idiotic choreography.

Director/choreographer doesn't understand the first rule of community theater: don't change stuff. Set it once, repeat as often as possible, and only tweak it once when you move onto the actual set and need to make adjustments. Tonight we got new hand movements for the finale for about the 12th time. They were fine the first time. Really.

We started at 7:45, stuff I was involved in started at 8:15, and we were out of there by 9:30.

Plans for tomorrow:
light day at work
full dress rehearsal with makeup. This is going to be a disaster.  


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