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Left a little early and drove to the main Sunnyvale Post Office to pick up a package I'd mailed from Thailand. Got to the location and the post office site was totally bulldozed and something is being built in its place. You would think they would have sent a notice or something. I was just there a month ago. It was a very old facility, and I sure hope they are building a mo-betta one. A few years ago Mountain View tore down the central PO and built a new in its place, but the new one is smaller, has no customer parking lot, has fewer clerk stations and a tiny passport office. FAIL. So I'm not real hopeful.

Looked on the back of the claim for, and it listed  a PO clear on the other side of town. I've been there once before, it is on a divided road with no left turn into it (you have to go a couple of blocks past it and make a U-turn) and it is tiny. At 1:20 pm the line was out the door, and there were only 8 people in line. Only 2 clerks on duty, no special line for package pickup. I was in line for 40 minutes.

Work was busy, lots to do. No boring details needed.

Home, opened the package and it was my Thai silk suit. Somewhat crumpled, but I had just crammed it in there. I'll have to take it to be dry cleaned and pressed.

The slog to rehearsals was grim, lots of traffic. I'm going to ignore the ludicrous 6:30 call and leave at 7. Curtain is at 8, it only takes me 10 minutes to put on makeup and costume. The Stage Manager hasn't looked at the sign-in sheet in a week, so why bother?

Instead of just running the show as planned, they threw in some more dance rehearsal, which means I am just standing there for 15 minutes watching Bad Choreography™. We were supposed to start at 7:30, but didn't get going till 15 after.

The staff stays in the audience, so they don't see what a mess it is backstage. They think the show is great. It's barely adequate. Biggest gripe tonight is all the musical numbers were what the director thinks is up to speed. They are all way too fast. Some are even faster.

During the pat 2 days I've spent 2 hours on the phone with Comcast trying to get the full channel line-up on the newly activated old Tivo. Still not succeeding. The info on Tivo's site is incorrect, which is not helping.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO (got a notice for package #2, which was mailed at the same time as #1)
No rehearsal. Relax.

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