Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another opening, another show

Slept in big-time.So did Domino. Till almost noon, I think. Today was sleep deprivation neutralization day.

Updated the firmware (there were 5 binaries to load) on the in-dash unit, and now it doesn't see the ipod. Boo, hiss.

Drove to the new apartment with copies of my last 3 pay statements, proof of renter's insurance and to get a copy of the checklist they gave me which had how much $$ I needed to pay up front, and it turns out the reason I couldn't find it is there is none. I was confusing them with Marina Cove, the place I changed my mind about. 

They needed the insurance paper, but not the pay statements. And they had written the amount of $$ on a post-it. All this after I had looked through my "office", the file cabinet, and entirely emptied and re-organized the trunk of the car looking for it.

U-Haul, bought a bunch of boxes, then home to watch some football and relax. I also fired up Photoshop and built a macro to auto-color, auto-tone and auto-contrast the scanned slides. I'll need to make a manual pass and white balance many of them, but this was a great start. I think I will wait till after the move to send them the next batch.

Got to the theater 5 minutes early, but there was no parking in the cast/crew lot. An event at the garden house next door took up most of the spaces. 

It looks like they will be pulling the same crap on me before every show, rehearsing the big dance number after vocal warmups. They really need to do dance warmups with the dancers, because during vocal warmups I am getting too many views of dancers' fat asses as they stretch and do splits. It is not a pretty sight.

And then 10 minutes before curtain they called us out to the loading dock for more bullshit, and "A Moment". They have a sign-up sheet, one person each show can share a moment with the cast/crew/orchestra. This time it was the director, whose moment took the whole 10 minutes to not say anything, really.

The show started about 15 minutes late, mostly because the box office cannot handle a full house.

The insane producers forced another change - they had the overture cut to just the first tune. Idiots.

The show went well, but the orchestra was way too loud and the conductor was on uppers - all the numbers were way too fast. Even the better dancers were complaining.

Very well-stocked gala reception, laid out to guarantee mobs instead of lines and blocked pathways. I saw lots of friends, some of whom did not see me. One of them, I thought was Liz Barbour, who starred in Kiss Me Kate with PA Players, but she insisted she had never done that show. She answered to "Liz". She looks like that woman. Oh well, I guess not.

On the way home I stopped off at Lucky's, which did have the kind of baby wipes I was looking for.

Plans for tomorrow:

Watch some football.
Maybe I'll get in some Starbucks time

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