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Truncated mission accomplished

I had just enough time at work to confirm that the encoder I need to use for testing is not functioning correctly. Then I went to the department picnic. Sat with two Israelis and a Vietnamese. They chose a fairly nearby, very large park which was excellent for the after-lunch volleyball and softball games, but not good at all for the lunch itself. Cement tables almost all in the shade, which was uncomfortable with the wind blowing and summer temps gone. The food was plentiful, lots of variety, and tasted great. The only FAIL was the ice cream. "Where is the ice cream?" I asked. "Over there on the table in that basket" the caterer said. I saw no basket which might contain ice cream. She pointed again. Oh, that basket on the only table in the sun. With no ice in the basket. After 15 minutes there, it was just cream. :-(

I took a lot of photos, mostly of volleyball, but the sight lines were not very good. The players mostly did not know how to play, and it got to be a very sad thing to watch.

By 3:30 my nails were shouting for a remedial manicure, so I went and had those done. Nothing to stay at the picnic for. And then went back to work to run a couple more tests. Home at 5:45.

Oh yeah, somewhere this morning I called the Comcast guy for the new place to make an installation appointment, and ducked into Fry's to buy a new cable modem, as the old one I have (a) is not up to code and (b) is missing its power brick. I won't install it till I'm at the new place, because it would mess up the IP addresses of the webcams, and it's a lot easier to have the installer activate it.

Started in on packing right away, the task seems very daunting, but I was able to pack the contents of the two big bookcases (one was mostly book-ish objects, the other photo and slide binders). Also got out a big black trash bag and filled it with blank and collectors' video cassettes, CD cases and such to bring to Goodwill on Saturday.

I'll do one more little bit - measure the vinyl/78 collection to see if those will fit in the small boxes, or maybe the file boxes (I have three extras).

Probably no packing tomorrow, I will be going to see a dear friend starring in Cyrano on the other side of the south bay. Friday is work + Anything Goes. Saturday will be a full day of move stuff, take things to Goodwill and eCycling, box up the record collection, photo prints (those are mostly done, just need to be taped up), and bedding/towels. Somewhere in there I have a load of laundry to do (have done whites and permapressed already). Sunday maybe T-shirts before and after the matinée.  Monday is work, go to the new apartment for keys at lunchtime, then after work pack up the computer stuff and Domino and bring that to the new place. Movers come in Tuesday morning. Wednesday after work will be wrap-up, but I have all week and most of the following week before this lease is up.

Plans for tomorrow:
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