Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost there

Lunchtime, picked up the keys and did the initial inspection. Two problems - there is a wall at a sharp angle from the front door which might not let the piano through. The patio has a 5' tall wall with a foot of hedges in front of it, and no doors, so that probably won't be an alternative. Irony: there are three convenient places in the livingroom/dining room area to place it. The other problem is there is no cable hookup in what will be the computer room. The only cable run is in the wall between the master bedroom and the livingroom, which has a connection on both sides, but the computer room is clear across the livingroom from there. Maybe they can run a connection from outside. We'll find out Wednesday.

Home after work, gathered Domino's food, water, one litterbox, her favorite fleece blanket from the bed, the faux leopard sofa cover which she sleeps on most of the time, and the picnic tablecloth which goes under the food, and her loop brush thing. And her. And now they are in the master bedroom at the new apartment, out of harm's way.

All the webcams have been taken down and boxed. The camera gear will go back into its case, I'll take that with me in the car. Real Soon Now I'll shut off this Tool Of Satan, unplug all the wires, and box up the small stuff. The CPU will go with me too. Cable modem goes back to Comcast via the apartment office tomorrow morning.

Tags: moving

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