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More Move

Turns out the piano was no problem at all. It was wheeled in and plopped into place without me even noticing.

All through the move, Domino yelled and yowled like she was spontaneously combusting. Very annoying. Some of the movers tried to talk to her, but she wasn't having any of it. Gata loca. She is still yelling at me.

Over the next couple of weeks I need to:
Get some real spackle and an applicator.  The stuff I picked up at Lowe's was lame.
Buy a set of ice cube trays.
Go back to the old apartment with a dolly and cart a pile of cardboard boxes to the dumpster. These are shipping boxes from a lot of eBay/Amazon sales and Thailand ship-to-myself. And some empty boxes which were for disk drives and such which have been recycled.
Spackle over the webcam mount holes in the old apartment
Throw out whatever is left in the fridge there
At the new place:
get books and photo stuff out of boxes and onto shelves and recycle the boxes.
re-think what goes in the storage room and what goes into the office and livingroom
Unpack all the kitchen and bathroom stuff. I've got some of the essentials already
Glue the shower shampoo/bodywash/conditioner dispenser to the wall of the shower

Tonight's show was not sold out, the whole front row was empty and lots of side section seats too. The audience was almost all elderly. Jokes about booze went over well, but they were very slow picking up the others. It was a benefit for a group I would not normally support, and after the show most of us got into civvies and went home instead of the usual meet & greet.

Real shows Fri-Sat-Sun.

My cough is still there, and I'm needing to blow my nose now and again, but the other cold symptoms are gone, I think. My right knee has been hurting, probably arthritis, but maybe something is torn. I need to find the box they packed the Ibuprofin in. Not a huge need, since there's one in the car and I can get it at work.

Took my netbook out yesterday, the battery was dead. Charged it last night at home and took it to work to do updates. It had apparently been on standby since early July. I had wanted to do that at lunchtime at Starbucks, but the parking lot was full. At 1:30. Very strange.

Kudos to the new apt's maintenance staff. I placed three orders online last night and they had been taken care of by the time I got home from work. Well, almost. They fixed the front door so the deadbolt and door knob latch are lined up right, and changed the fridge doors to open from the kitchen side instead of having to walk into the laundry room to get stuff out of the fridge. They fixed three out of four of the  mechanisms on the bedroom windows which lets you lock the window open a couple of inches. The fourth one broke, part is on order. Of course it's the one I wanted fixed most - Domino's window on the outside world.

No mail at the new place. I'm not surprised after they screwed up my last vacation hold. Angry phone calls tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Anything Goes
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