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1 AM must be time for an update

Last things first. Dinner at 11:30 was chicken soup and a Haagen Daszasaz dark chocolate on dark chocolate ice cream pop. Domino had whipped cream. That was after I hung all the stuff back up onto the newly fixed closet rack.

Tonight's show was a very friendly audience, they got a lot of the jokes which had not been laughed at. Part of that is cast members un-learning the director's and producer's stupid stupid drilling in of "pick up your cues immediately". It's a comedy, and the surest way to kill the laughter is to jump on the next line as soon as someone has said something witty. Tonight the leading man even got a laugh when he forgot a line. The audience thought he was pausing for comic effect. After the rather large laugh he got the line out.

Nobody I knew in the audience, but an attractive woman came back to the green room at halftime to visit the orchestra members. She plays viola, which we don't have in this show. I told her my great uncle was a famous viola virtuoso, but of course I could to remember his name or with which group he played. After the show I saw her again and told her my email address, I hope she drops me a line because she would enjoy reading his book, I think. Looked him up in email, then on Amazon, and he is Abram Loft, and the book is How to Succeed in an Ensemble: Reflections on a Life in Chamber Music. His wife is my mother's cousin and childhood friend. And a web search found his Facebook page, so I sent a friend request.

My cold is almost gone, except for needing to blow my nose now and again, and a mild cough. As the show progressed, the cold regressed.

I got to the theater 15 minutes before call time. The new place is slightly further from the theater than the old place, maybe by 1/4 mile, but the entry to the expressway is much easier.

Before heading out, I slit open a lot of boxes marked as kitchen stuff, in search of flatware and corn cob holders. I'd made some cobettes for a late lunch. And that's when I discovered I had forgotten to snag the butter container from the old apartment. I have plenty of margarine in the freezer, so not a real problem. I have plenty of butter too, but it tends to set off tummy troubles above and beyond the ministrations of Lactaid. 

And the more unpacking I do, the more clearly I see that the reason the movers packed so quickly is they simply grabbed stuff at random, rolled it into wrapping paper until it was impossible to tell the contents, and slapped it into the nearest open box. Most of the kitchen boxes are simply labeled "kitch spices oils"  no matter what they actually contain. One labled "kitch pots pans" contained my bamboo steamers, the tea pot, and a set of plastic bowls but not the set of ceramic bowls in which they were nested. I've found the contents of the drawer under the stove in three separate boxes. It continues to be an adventure, but t least now I have everything I need to have a meal.

When I got back from the old apartment, I watched some TV, and the maintenance guy came and we discussed a better way to mount the master bedroom closet rack, which had collapsed and disconnected from the wall yesterday. He already had the right replacement parts, apparently this is a well known design flaw, but he needed to get some equipment to mount it properly into the wall studs instead of the hollow sheetrock. He finished in about an hour.

At about 1:30 I was at the old apartment, where I somehow tackled all the things I had planned:
- Hauled the broken lamp and plastic chicken netting to the dumpster
- broke down all the shipping boxes in the living room and hauled them to the dumpster
- shoved all the loose trash into garbage bags and sent them down the garbage chute
- ditto the remaining contents of the fridge (minus, apparently, the butter dish)
- spackled over all the holes in the wall. There were many more than I remembered, including ones for calendars, the white board, a pair of New Orleans bead art pieces, etc.
- collected the mail, which there should not have been any of, and propped the USPS change of address confirmation so it covered the front inside of the mailbox, as a subtle hint to the cretin who delivers the mail.
- packed up all the hazardous materials and put them in the car along with the dolly and the step ladder

Then I took all my keys and the two gate fobs, drove around to the front office, and gave them the apartment back. A week early. Technically they don't owe me any extra rent since it's a lease, but we'll see in about a month.

I slept in until noon,didn't get out of bed till 1. Domino kept me company for most of that. I took all the clothes which were in the mess of the collapsed closet and put them on the bed. This included the stars in space comforter, which Domino quickly curled up into.

Slept pretty well, only woke up two or three times.

 There are still boxes and wrapping paper everywhere, and the apartment won't be arranged the way I want it until I get everything unpacked, which also means finding a way to recycle all that paper and the boxes.

Plans for tomorrow:
watch some football, maybe in bed
Matinee at 2:30, need to be at the theater by 1:30. Call is 1 pm but screw that.
The show should be over by 5, home by 5:30. More unpacking. More football. Maybe at the same time.

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