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Back in the Starbucks Again

Finally. Between the move and the show, I have had no *$s time. The unpacking has gotten to the "who gives a crap?" point, all the crucial things are in their place, everything else can take its time. Today's show was a dreaded matinée. 89F outside, bright bright sunshine, but on stage it was about 75, and th green room and dressing rooms were positively Arctic. Unfortunately for the dancers, "Gabriel" was not active today. We have a song "Blow, Gabriel, blow" which mistakenly refers to the trumpet-playing angel (Gideon was the one with the horn, Gabriel only read dreams). Anyhow, when the air conditioning is on for backstage, this powerful vent blows cool air out the back wall of the theater, between the theater and the trailers which are green room and dressing room.

The nice thing about an afternoon show is we get out in time to go home and catch Sunday Night Football, have dinner and relax some.

The show was so-so. Three or four people have colds, including me, and the extreme temperature changes had an effect. The audience was not very responsive compared to last night's, and I blame matinée syndrome for that. But the finale got a huge applause, and when we greeted people coming out of the theater they were very happy. One fellow in his 80s sought out the tap dancers, apparently he had been a tapper in his day.

No more matinées, we close next Saturday. Thursday show will make up for that. I dislike Thursday shows because traffic is horrible, and the audience is unpredictable. Sometimes we get lots of tired people not looking forward to Friday, and sometimes we get theater buddies whose only chance to see us between their own show is Thursdays.

I made a partial connection which I have been trying to find for a couple of years. J, who was a crush in the Man of La Mancha cast at this theater with me in 2008, had been Miss Santa Clara and I had heard she is still active on the pageant as staff or volunteer. One of the dancers in this show was Miss Santa Clara 2008, and another is in the 2013 pageant. They both know J, and gave me her new (I assume married) name. They took dance lessons from her. She may be in NYC now, or not. I was not able to find her online under the new name, I must not have gotten it right. But I have enough clues now to see what she's up to.

So, home from the show, I watched some of the Giants/Eagles game with Domino walking back and forth across my lap and boxes. Finally got hungry, decided not to unpack any post & pans, and went to Barn Thai, but they were closed. Planning to hit Starbucks after dinner, I tried Tomatina at the Mercado, which I thought was a Tomatoes clone, but turns out to be an Italian place. Waited at the door for 5 miutes for the host to show up, then waited 10 more at my table before walking out and going across the parking lot to Yo Yo Sushi for tempura. Excellent, fast service, good food, though not what I really wanted tonight. And WTF, they had some college game from last week on TV, not the NFL one.

Starbucks, played on FB a bit, they are getting ready to close even though there's still 50 minutes left.

Well, I need to get home and sleep. 9 am team meeting tomorrow.
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