Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Yeah, it was a Monday

9 am team meeting which I arrived just in the nick of time for. Would have been late except for the realization that the new place is only a block from Central Expressway, and I can go 50mph with minimal stop lights 2 blocks from work. Had been taking the side road past the strip joint.

The meeting was light weight, we have two projects which are mostly waiting on engineering.

Work was a lot of wasted effort, installing VMWare and a linux instance on my PC so I could install Radius, which I needed to unlock my test machine, I thought. But then I remembered the machine for burning a new data CF card was working again, and I was able to recover the machine that way.

Home for just a little bit, saw some of the football game, then on to BASFA, which was kind of boring. I probably should have skipped it and un-boxed more stuff.

Back home, I emptied two boxes of kitchen stuff, and moved some boxes around which are empty of Stuff™ but full of wrapping paper. I now have space in the office to bring one of the racks inside from the patio and unload all the postal stuff onto it. Envelopes, CD sleeves and mailers, VHS-sized priority mail boxes (flattened, ready to fold into origami boxes), tape, etc.

Plans for tomorrow:
Housewares shopping. I need a bath mat and a butter dish.
More unpacking

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