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The GB switch is hooked up, the two net attached drives are now hooked up to it along with the PCs wired connection. It is hella faster than over wi-fi. But Win7 wants to think the wired connection (which is not hooked up to the Internet) is primary, the Internet connection is slower. :-(

Work was a lot of automation progress. More tomorrow.

Lunch at Sizzler, and for a change had the burgundy beef sirloin tips instead of just the salad bar. Didn't finish because it was not all that good, and there was too much gristle. I ordered rice as the side dish, and when the waiter looked at my receipt, he said there was nothing listed for a side. I told him rice. He brought the dish - it had French Fries. He actually was stoopid enuf to ask if that was okay. I said no. And there went any hope for his tip. He also brought it way too soon, I was still only half done with the one-trip-to-the-bar salad. FAIL.

Left work a little early to pick up the switch at the apartment office, they are only open 9-6. If UPS delivered earlier I could have gotten it at lunchtime.

Home for a couple of minutes after work. The new alarm's remote was telling me to change its battery, and in the process of changing it, the remote died completely. I have a backup. But tomorrow lunchtime will be a trip to the car audio place. I may also arrange to buy a Pioneer in-dash unit, this Clarion is junk. I kind of knew it when I bought it.

Got the boxes out of the laundry room which belonged elsewhere, and did two loads.

Went to the French store, which is closer than I thought, and got all the household items on my list.

Home, hung the new curtain in the guest bathroom shower, staged the bath mat in the master bath, mounted a simple curtain rod in the bedroom and hung the Thai silk blackout drapes from the old apartment. This window is half as wide as the old apartment's, so it covers a lot better. I just hope the rod doesn't pull off its mounts. It's kind of iffy.

Dinner was Campbell's chicken noodle soup and generic frozen lasagna entree.

Made some Lactase chocolate milk.

Still feeling a bit off. Bed before midnight tonight.

Plans for tomorrow mentioned above.
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