Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Much progress

Laundry is done. I just need to take the whites out of the dryer. And evict Domino from the basket of shirts.

New business cards are printing, the first 10 are in my wallet. A few will be made into luggage tags.

Got all the bathroom boxes unpacked and organized. That required going out to the storage room and opening a box which the movers had packed which was supposed to go into the dining room. Long story medium sized: The apartment prior to the last one had an open area under the bathroom sink, which I bought three plastic drawers to put inside. The last apartment had drawers built in, so I had put the plastic drawers in the storage closet by the dining room. This apartment has the open design, so the plastic drawers came out of storage and into the bathroom again. I know, TMI.

Moved some heavy boxes around the office, the ones with the files were where I wanted the file cabinet to go. Those are switched, and the bottom drawer's contents have been unpacked and loaded into the cabinet. The pile of flattened boxes grows by the front door.

So much for the moving chronicles.

At lunchtime I went down to the place where I had bought the alarm and had them send it in for replacement/repair. And also put a deposit on another electronic goodie for the car, which they will install a week from Saturday.

Work was busy, wrapping up an automation project, but each time I ran the program it refused to cooperate at one particular point. I tried several variations, none worked. 99% of the script runs great, just this one little dialog box "OK" button seems to be invisible to it. Tomorrow I will ask Automation Guy to take a look.

Plans for tomorrow:
Anything Goes performance.
Tags: car, entertainment, moving, work

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