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This feels more like normal

Writing at around 1 am.

Work was pretty frustrating, the automation program issues stumped Automation Guy, but I figured out three of the four biggies on my own. I may even finish the project tomorrow.

Lunch was a mocha at Starbucks, lots and lots of eye candy, and the loud foursome of old Chinese men left shortly after I sat down.

Home for a bit after work, and there are two minor frustrations at the new place. Parking stalls are too narrow, and the mailboxes are on the other side of the complex from my apartment. There are no non-reserved parking spaces near them and the choices are to walk all around the complex through the sidewalk-deprived driveway/parking lot,  or take a winding path past the playground. Not so bad when it isn't raining....

Credit union and two brokerages sent change of address confirmations. As did Allstate. Also from Allstate, the timing being very suspicious what with both the A's and the Giants in the race for the World Series, was my earthquake insurance renewal notice.

Got to the theater a tad bit early, a total waste of time except for getting a parking space.

My cold is all gone, but I'm still coughing. It's a dry cough, residual, it will go away in a few years.

The show was pretty good, but the audience was unpredictable. There were people in the audience singing along. That's rude. They laughed at all the same places for my dialog (I only have a few lines at the start of Act I) but some very funny lines were not laughed at, and some of the more difficult to catch jokes got major yuks. The volume was low until the ends of the acts. We got our first Standing O, much credit goes to the front row who were all friends of the dance captain (she's the assistant choreographer but also a principal dancer) who leapt to their feet before the bows started. Little by little pockets of audience stood until everyone was on their feet when leading lady took her bow.

Two more shows to do. It saddens me that I am looking forward to being rid of this show. That's one more theater group I won't work with again. And not just by my choice - it turns out that I wasn't called back for the third show of the season (the second show passed on me because I wouldn't be back from Thailand until the day after auditions). Third show did not even bother to send the usual "thanks but no thanks" email. I see they pre-cast the two leads. Both are very good choices, but I don't like pre-casting. They have not announced the rest of the cast on the web page yet, though I hear it has been chosen.

Stopped by Lucky's on the way home to get bananas, pot pies and a knee brace.

Plans for tomorrow:
Anything Goes
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