Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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T Minus 1 and Counting

One more performance to go. Tonight's audience was mostly dead. Few laughs, and the ones we got were weak. They woke up and exploded at the end of each major dance number, but that's mostly because they are amazed at how long the dance numbers are, and that everyone is still vertical. I am too. After the show, greeting the people as they file out, they were very low key, even the many friends of cast members. This is not too strange for a Friday crowd, they have mostly worked all day, and their minds are elsewhere.

Final show Saturday night. I am so looking forward to not being stuck in this rut anymore.

Home, found the box with the video of the last time I did the show, and after some driver installation got the USB capture widget to work, and recorded the big duet I had. The director of the current show plucked the original version from the 1967 or 1935 script, which is a trio. More verses, and not as well written. That show was a disaster too, but in totally different ways. I really enjoyed playing my part by the time we got onstage. Not so much this show.

There's a line in the show where the leading lady asks the leading man why he has a fried egg on his jacket pocket. It's a school crest. The brilliant costume person gave him a dark blue college patch, total FAIL. So I have made him a fried egg patch using Photoshop and a T-shirt transfer. It looks pretty good. He will laugh. The leading lady will laugh, but I think this will happen backstage because he probably won't be stupid/brave enough to wear it onstage.

The company picnic photos have been on the PC since 9/19, I finally tweaked them and uploaded them to Flickr. And sent a share note to my boss. The rest of the group gets to see them Monday.

Work held a surprise. The automation script I'd maybe finished yesterday worked without a hitch, so it has been sent to Automation Guy. The rest of the day was spent doing paperwork around the tests which cannot be automated.

Lunch was Agape, a Greek grill. The seafood kabob was okay, but pretty dry. Some day they will learn to not put the hot meal on top of the salad.

Plans for tomorrow:
Open more boxes, put more things away
Recycle some boxes and wrapping paper
One final performance, stupidly followed by striking the set. There is a cast party Sunday, but I'm not interested.
Tags: humor, moving, photography, theater drama, women, work

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