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Early to Bed

Not that I ever sleep any better when I do that. But there's a class at 8:30 at work tomorrow morning...

Yesterday I did a lot of unpacking and hauled many boxes full of wrapping paper (thanks, movers...NOT!) and many more flattened boxes to the recycle area next to the dumpster. Final performance of Anything Goes was to a disappointing 2/3 house. It went well enough. I didn't see anyone I knew. They had us strike the set after the show, which was a horrible thing to do to a cast which had just done three night shows. I got out early - 1 am - because my assignment was done (helping clean up the Green Room, including emptying out all the chairs, mopping, and waiting for it to dry before putting all the chairs back).

I also stopped at OSH and bought a bath mat and a towel rack.

Pretty easy to describe day today. Woke up at 3,4,6,7,9,10 and 11. Sometimes there was a cat in the bed, sometimes not. Got out of bed before noon, took a shower using the non-slip bath mat I'd bought yesterday, and banged my knee when it skidded an inch or two. Note to self: wet & engage the suction cups before using.

The day was a round robin of unboxing stuff, watching football on TV, reading email, posting things on FB, phoning my US sisters, with a couple of hours meet a friend for coffee who is going to China tomorrow.

Oh, and I paid $4.58/gal for gas at Costco. :-(

The bedroom is all unpacked except for random T-shirts used as padding for other boxes. The kitchen is unpacked except for one dishpack box which has my knife block, glass teapot and assorted things the movers did not label. Livingroom is all unpacked but there are piles of boxes of office stuff in there. All the computer gear is unpacked and running, but there are three boxes about 1/3 each full of stationary, CD/DVD blanks and such. Two webcams are set up and working. Three aren't.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (class, team meeting)
Tags: moving, shopping, theater

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