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Bad Night, Mediocre day

Going to bed early backfired. That low blood sugar episode drained me a lot, and also churned my stomach a bit. Had to duck out of a team meeting to use the facilities.

Early morning, 8:30 tutorial by a good presenter on HEVC, the next video format. It will replace MPEG-4, and be called MPEG-H. The stats show it will carry the same amount of video on half the bandwidth. This means real HD on your phone (if you can stand looking at an image that small). It also uses a much more complicated set of tricks for correcting errors, which means a smoother, sharper image.

10 am team meeting, then I worked on some more automation (Automation Guy showed me a new trick which let me automate one more test).

Lunchtime I went home and took a nap.

Stayed at work till 6, home and did some unboxing (got the last kitchen box done - it had my kitchen knife set, more Mason jars than I thought I owned, and the blender. Watched the Jets play a professional football team until halftime, then went to BASFA. It was a fun meeting, not too crowded but with some new people and lots of the usual suspects. I handed off my Playstation DVDs to the VP, to whom I had donated the PS2 about a year ago for use in a convention suite he helps run. Just one more thing I forgot I had, which showed up while packing.

The best (IMHO) community theater choreographer in town announced he will be director/choreographer for Lyric Theatre's Brigadoon, auditions are next month.  We were in TheatreWorks' Peter Pan together in the 80's when he was still in Palo Alto Children's Theater. Music director is a fellow who directed me in Pirates of Penzance there many years ago, and he was great too.  I guess I'll try out. This is a show with a lot of older men with low voices. I'll have to watch it to refresh my memory.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dr appt to get a second opinion on my knee pain. I'm not buying the arthritis diagnosis as the whole reason.
More unboxing, but maybe some hanging out at Starbucks too.

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