Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two steps closer

to a Bay Area World Series. Not that I think it will happen, but the Giants clobbered the Reds today, and the A's pulled off a 9th inning miracle to beat Detroit. I had turned the game off after the 8th.

Last night I took 1/4 of a vicodin at 11:20, after an hour it started to make me groggy, and I fell asleep. But knee pain woke me up in an hour. I slept about the same as always, but at work I was so sleepy I went to the deeply padded chair in the break room and took a nap at 12:30. At 1 I was awake enough to drive, and went to Starbucks for caffeine and sugar. And sat outside in the cool breeze. That woke me up for the rest of the day.

Work was not too productive, I wasn't able to get Jython to talk to my test machine, probably because it doesn't have an interpreter on board.

Home at 5:45 to pick up a package. A big one. My sister had told me she was sending it, but I didn't expect it yet. There was a photo of me as King Arthur in Camelot, dancing with Guenevere in a 1974 production in Astoria, OR taken by my best buddy MZig. Follow the link. You will be impressed. The photo was matted but not framed, Dad had used masking tape to tape it to the wall next to the fireplace, and I guess Shaari had saved it when the folks moved to the senior apartments. Anyhow, she had it re-matted with red matte board, and framed in a nice solid black frame with a glass cover, and that's what I picked up. She even included hanging hardware. A nice early birthday/housewarming gift.

Got a hankering for a Marie Calendar's pot pie, so drove out there. Was seated in a booth I did not fit into, so they moved me to a table, where I sat ignored for 10 minutes, listening to two babies yelling across the room at each other before leaving. Had dinner at Crazy Buffet, which was not crowded at all. Their prices have gone up, and the economy is still down. Quality of the food has gone down too. But not enough to walk out on.

Thought about going to Starbucks, but went home instead, and made 10 luggage tags out of my new business cards, using Scotch's lovely self-laminating doohickies. Domino mostly sat in front and to the left of me and stared. I hate when she does that. Eventually she curled up on the sheepskin rug.

Only finished unpacking one more box - in the office.

Plans for tomorrow:
Orthopedics for a follow-up on the X-rays. Expect to be told about degeneration exacerbated by diabetes, and maybe get a steroid shot. Worst case, be told about knee replacement.
More work, and 1-on-1 with the boss
maybe Starbucks
More unpacking

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