Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Night and day

Leaving work today the sky was so dark I turned my headlights on. But the sun was going down between the cloud ceiling and the horizon, and it was a ball of very bright, blinding by contrast.

Frustrating work day, Automation guy had asked too vague a question, and the wrong one at that, to the folks whose software we're using. The answer I got was not very useful. I tried to make it work, but didn't see how. I'll have to send them my own question.

Went to lunch at Yo Yo sushi with Automation Guy and one of our team. I'd had a late breakfast, and forgot my insulin pen, so didn't have much appetite. Good food, but I couldn't eat much of it.

3 pm boss' boss' team meeting, was supposed to run will 4:30, but ran till 5:15. It was dead boring for me, and the lack of ventilation and the low lights had me dozing off a lot. The reason it ran late is BB waited till the end to spring the most controversial point. Can't talk about it here other than to say it's the age-old story of bean counters restricting resources when expansion is the obvious need. I put a snarky line about that in my weekly report.

Got back to my desk just in time to see the Orioles bite it on MLB.com. My Baltimore family is not pleased, but they are also close enough to DC that they can root for the Nationals tonight as a reasonable substitute. The Walgreens team is up 6-1 in the 4th, so it is looking good. (The Nats wear a script "W" on their uniforms which is almost identical to the "W" in the Walgreens logo).


Not doing much right now except having an unsweetened green tea (iced) at the Starbucks near the movies, and enjoying a lot of eye candy.

I didn't have time to eat the Dolmathes I'f brought to work, I think that will be part of dinner when I get home. Tonight the CD unpacking begins. Should be exciting. NOT!

Plans for tomorrow: 10 am to the car audio place to replace the piece-o-crap Clarion I bought on eBay with a Pioneer. I may go to Santana Row while they are working on the car (thanks to the free bus pass from work).
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