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Last night about 11 I took half a vicodin, since I didn't care if I was sleepy all Sunday. I guess it worked, there was no knee pain and I slept well. I think I only woke up once, at about 5 am. I was very unmotivated most of the day, though, but managed to eventually take yesterday's boxes out to the recycle area, and spent some Quality Time in the car programming presets into the radio, and making sure the CD player works. The audio quality is much better on this unit than the last two, which surprised me. Their specs are almost identical. Another 5 minutes playing with the iPod controller, which is so intuitive I couldn't figure it out until I stopped over-thinking it. Bad support item: there is no printed manual, just a CD, which cannot be read by the unit.

During this process I noticed the tech who had worked on it had disabled the passive alarm on the car (he probably got tired of tripping it) so I'll have to take it back to have that re-programmed. :-(

Just for grins I asked the GPS to find me the closest Starbucks, and it was not one of the three I thought it would be. It's a short trip on Central, in a shopping plaza which has a KFC an a Lucky's. I had an iced tea and a pastry, and played on the smartphone. There was some eye candy, but not much. After, went to KFC and bought a bucket of original, then to Lucky's for walnuts and some other misc. items.

Home, watched the night football game and from time to time flipped to the baseball game to see how badly the Giants were doing. Made dinner - KFC, corn on the cob, and brie melted onto sourdough bread. Klondike bar for dessert.

After dinner, attacked the final office projects, and now all the books, music, maps, cards and tarot decks are out of the boxes and into/onto the bookcase. There is a lot of empty space I did not know I had.

Also put the surround sound speakers out where they make a difference.

I'm not sure when the next big project will get done, no free time till Wednesday. That will mean pulling almost everything out of the storage room, bringing the big rack and its associated big, heavy boxes into the livingroom, and putting all the ancestral phonograph records and photos in the rack. And re-arranging what is left in the storage room so I can get to it. The movers basically played Tetris with that room.

Plans for tomorrow:
Saratoga for a talk on the science of Dr. Who
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