Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thereby Hangs a Nail

Some progress at work, maybe. I need some more eyes on the screen time to be sure.
Called the nails place for an appointment, got one for 1:30. Went to Santana Row a little later than planned, had lamb stew at the local Irish pub (which was very good) but had to rush to be done in time. Got to the nails place, and waited more than 15 minutes. Almost walked out, but needed to get this done today. They don't have a real waiting area, just a hard wooden window box, and the sun is full on it that time of day. Very uncomfortable.

As I was shown a seat for the manicure, it was clear that this place is set up for pedicures galore, but there is only one manicurist. WTF? She did a very good job, though, and the price was standard for a high-end place. She said it should last 3 weeks, but my experience is 2. We'll see. Bottom line is now all my thin nails are protected, and look good too.

Got a call from the sleep study lab (Kaiser sent me the "you're approved" letter yesterday) and set an appointment for Halloween eve, how appropriate. This is a real sleep study, not the cattle call kind, where I'll be hooked up to all sorts of sensors (including Alpha wave) and stay overnight.

After work thought about going to Foothill for the Kepler space probe update, but two nights in a row out doing science stuff was enough. Stayed home, played on FB, did some photoshop, wrote a snailmail letter to a friend in Canada who was a victim of identity theft about 15 years ago (no doubt her own damned fault), blames The Evil Internet, and won't use it at all. Also emailed a couple of friends who are not on FB but needed my new address, and an update on my theater horror stories.

Watched the last two episodes of South Park, which were pretty good, and it started recording another as I was watching. L8er.

Pot pie for dinner. Klondike oreo flavor bar for dessert.

Plans for Tomorrow:

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