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Day of Thor

This morning was the "shake-out", which was amusing. My company did it up royally, starting with an announcement to duck & cover at 10:18 am, a few minutes later my boss came around to check on us (he's one of the first responders). After a few minutes I got back up into my chair, because after two quakes I know that anything that was going to fall on my in that place would have done so. Then the Person With A Clipboard came by, and just as she was telling me the drill wasn't over, the announcement came that the drill was over. Bwahaha.

Then my cell phone rang, and it was the company's automaton violating my privacy by asking if my family had an emergency plan. They should not be calling my personal phone, and that question is none of their business. It is clear the company does not have a viable emergency plan beyond duck & cover. And that's not a good thing to do if you're in the lab.

Spent an hour watching a video loop, to confirm that it is defective at the loop point, which means some tests I had marked as failed had actually passed. We didn't have the equipment to really know for sure until yesterday.

Lunchtime I went home for packages. Two at the office - a box of seltzer cartridges (which did not need to be sent needing delivery confirmation) and a HUGE box from my little sister which turned out to be 95% packing peanuts and 5% bubble-wrapped old framed family photos. UPS could have used a box 1/4 the size, and just bubble wrap. At the apartment door was another package, a new seltzer siphon. Twice the capacity of the old one, but still only uses one gas cartridge.

Went top Togo's for lunch, then back to work and got a wee bit farther with the automation project. It was very warm this afternoon, 80's.

Home, tuned in the 49er-Seahawks game and found myself rooting for Seattle. It was one of those frustrating defensive battles, neither QB had shown up for work and they both mostly relied on their runners. Boring. Seattle should have won, but they shot themselves in the foot two times too many. I flipped to the baseball game a couple of times, but it was already 1-6, the Not-Giants, so I stopped doing that after a while.

Dinner was hot dogs and corn on the cob. Domino sat on the floor in front of me, staring at me the whole time, even though there was nothing I usually would give her. Well, I do know she loves corn, but there wasn't enough, and on the cob is too messy.

Fired up the PC and attacked a long-delayed project. I had already made a first Photoshop batch pass of the 200 slides I had Costco scan for me back before I moved. Tonight I put them into subject folders (there were a lot of pictures from Tel Aviv beach which didn't belong in the set), did some more work on the ones which needed it, then burned a DVD for one of my Peace Corps buddies whose wedding photos were on it.

In the mail was my sample ballot, I knew they had received my change of address which I faxed from work when someone from that county department looked me up on LinkedIn.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fasting blood test @ Kaiser
MRI @ Kaiser 9 pm
Figure out what to wear for weekend trip to San Diego. I don't plan on taking anything except the camera, 2 lenses, 2 batteries and a folding backpack. The phone will be my internet connection.
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